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“Thanks for a spectacular kitchen! We love the work that you all did! We will be renovating our basement soon and we’d love you to do it!!”
- Gia and Scott


“Thanks for a BEAUTIFUL Kitchen! You Rock!!”
- Irv and Arlene B.



Courtyard Kitchens believes in a streamlined process for your project.
Our motto is that you will be happy with our work, or we are not finished!

  1. Site Check: On-site meeting and evaluation of the project
  2. Design Process: Select cabinets, countertops, flooring and accessories
  3. Contract: Enter into an Agreement
  4. Installation: Install your new dream Kitchen or Bath
  5. Relax: Enjoy the results

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How do we begin the Courtyard Kitchens process?

Our first step is to meet in your home, listen and discuss your wants and needs. We will measure the area and help provide alternatives that will help crystallize your final design selections. This information from the in home “site check”, is given to our designer to create 3D perspective drawings, ballpark pricing and prepare you for the first meeting at the design center. At the Showroom, we help you to turn the ballpark plans into final decisions that will best suit your space and needs.

2) What should we expect in the initial consultation or “Site Check”?

The initial consultation is critical to understanding your dream and goals. It enables us to take measurements, securing enough information to begin a job work up estimate with options various included. This saves our customer time and allows us to prepare information prior to your first Showroom visit.

3) Do we need to see your Showroom prior to a “Site Check” being done?

You are welcome to stop by the showroom at any time. It is not a requirement to visit before a “Site Check” is done in your home. Some of our clients find it helpful to see options before the in home meeting, but our kitchen design expert will go over those options during your first Showroom meeting after ballpark plans have been made for your space.

4) You indicated that new cabinets generally are available from manufacturers within 4-6 weeks. What is the lead time for delivery of countertops, flooring and accessories?

We have years of experience with our different manufacturers, thus are able to provide accurate arrival estimates of new cabinets, countertops, flooring and accessories before we start your project. Other components are generally available within 1-3 weeks from the date or the order.

5) How can we minimize inconvenience to our family during the project?

We’ll seal off openings to other areas of your home, however we recommend covering all other furniture on the same floor as the kitchen to minimize dust. We also recommend removing all valuables and cabinet contents before we begin the demolition phase.

Downtime associated with the installation of you project is generally limited, but having a place to set up a temporary work area will be helpful. It’s practical (and smart) to create a temporary kitchen for use during the demolition and build phase, even if it’s only a table in another room. Use paper plates and disposable flatware if possible, to lessen the amount of after meal clean up.

When you schedule your project, depends in large part, upon your family’s needs. Do you have young children? Can you schedule your project when they are in school or when you are away on a family vacation? Do you have friends or relatives nearby whom you can visit during the day or two of heavy

demolition? It’s always best to pick a time of the year that best meets your needs. Rest assured that we’ll do our very best to accommodate you by minimizing noise and dust during the demolition and build phases of the project.

6) Do you have references? Can we speak to former clients and or see your work?

We provide you with references, at your request. We try to give you a list of former clients that are in your area and/or have a similar type of project. We ok contact with our former clients, prior to giving out phone information to protect our client’s privacy. Many of our clients have invited interested parties into their home to view the work done by Courtyard Kitchens and Superior Installation.


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